Southern Blood reviewers have said:

"This may be the most eagerly awaited anthology in Australian publishing history … a stunning collection of the fascinating and frightening, hauntingly illustrated by artists including Nick Stathopoulos, Trudi Canavan, and Keira McKenzie."

"…the pick of the year's crop … A trio of horror meisters — Geoffrey Maloney, Terry Dowling and Robert Hood — kick off the anthology with a set of harrowing reads…"

"…this is a remarkably wide-ranging book, with stories covering the spectrum from traditional atmospheric ghost stories to tautly plotted serial killer thrillers, and from surrealistic horror to tales of psychological sorrow."

"There's a nightmare lurking in the streets of Parramatta … the stories are skin prickling, atmospheric and often thought provoking."

"An exciting, landmark anthology featuring many of Australia's best practitioners of the weird and the horrific … a dark heart is beating in Australian horror, and Southern Blood has its finger firmly on that pulse."

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